Interviews with Sawyer Scholars

In the videos below, Sawyer Seminar participants Siba Grovogui, Kenneth Pomeranz, Pinar Bilgin, Eric Tagliocozzo, and Jordan Branch describe their intellectual interests and discuss the value of the WSIP project. The interviews were conducted by Professor Laura Doyle and Professor  Mwangi wa Gῖthῖnji after the 2015-2016 Sawyer Seminar.

Scholars’ Larger Intellectual Projects

Sawyer scholars name the compelling political and historical concerns of their larger intellectual projects.

Defining Interdisciplinarity

Sawyer scholars offer definitions of what it means to be interdisciplinary.

Intersections with WSIP

Sawyer scholars discuss how their projects overlap with and differ from each other, as well as how these projects contribute to the larger objectives of WSIP.

Seminar as Method

Sawyer scholars reflect on the importance of dialogue for interdisciplinary, decolonial, and long-historical research.