WSIP Edited Collection on Decolonial Global Studies

Purpose and Overview of the Collection:

Our aim is to develop methods and visions for the epistemological/material decolonizing of both past and present, including the accruing formations of culture and political economy. Our approach is driven by the view that we cannot understand any moment, era, or event separately from its long historical backstory. The work of decolonizing therefore involves dismantling Eurocentric, androcentric epistemologies that misrepresent both the sustaining legacies and the political struggles of those pasts.

As our Spring 2021 workshop conversation clarified, we are all seeking to generate fresh, often speculative terms or to recover suppressed values as a key aspect of decolonial work. Together, the essays do not develop a unified vision or vocabulary. Rather they offer resources for teachers and scholars, whose teaching and collaboration disseminates ideas that have themselves been seeded and shaped by alliances with non-academic communities.

Our methods are collaborative, interdisciplinary, long-historical, inter-cultural, and intersectional. The collaborative process in particular nourishes the self-reflexive aspects of our work. It allows us to learn from each other about our own blind spots, grapple with the challenges of conceptual translation across languages and worlds, and together consider the diverse colonial and decolonial histories that both shape today’s crises and offer paths for ethical alliance.

Information and Resources for Contributing Authors

This page will provide the contributing authors with relevant information and resources, including timelines, style sheets, fellow authors’ drafts, feedback, and the Spring 2021 workshop videos: